The T's & C's


Last month I wrote about classroom tasks which could be easily sorted by 3 C's: Consumption, Creation and Collaboration (read here). By aligning your tasks with Blooms Taxonomy the iPad apps became authentic learning tools.

But take a look at the broader picture. The modern learning environment typically consists of many components, but in the scope of my blog and expertise, I am choosing to focus on: Tools, Tasks and most importantly Teaching. Loosely based on the excellent TPaCK model, these venn diagram bring together 3 challenges for a modern teacher.

Focus on your T's, then look at your C's

My job is to support teaching staff by clearly defining how they can transform their classroom environment using modern tools. By focusing on the tools which we have available to us in the classroom, it is easy to see how the the teaching and tasks should take shape. Or you could approach it from the teaching, assess the tools and then develop your tasks. Each component as important as the next, and each underpinning modern pedagogy.

What are the tasks you can use in the classroom? I have outlined some of the most important tasks for you in this post.