Top 50 Educational Apps of 2011


I have compiled a list of the apps which I have used and highly recommend as "tools in the classroom". Used under supervision of a great teacher, these apps can provide a solid foundation to some outstanding lessons. I suggest that as a teacher you take just 2 or 3 relevant apps, and really deconstruct them. Evaluate how they might compliment your lesson plans. It is all to easy to get overwhelmed at the choice available on the App Store.


New apps for the Australian classroom

  1. Four Corners 50 Years - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Celebrate 50 Years of Four Corners... with more than seventy hours of content available, this is a unique archive of Australia’s current affairs history.
  2. Asialink - DreamWalk Mobile Asialink is Australia's leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of the countries of Asia and of Australia's role in the region. This app features the Asialink Essays - a series of monthly essays written by leading commentators who explore key issues in Australia's engagement with Asia.
  3. MyEnvironment - Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities Find the Australian environmental places that make up your neighbourhood or area of interest
  4. Constitution of Australia - UNILEX® This free app contains the full text of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (The Constitution), as well as hundreds of links to case law references on the AustLII website (internet connection required). With great features like full text search, keyword highlighting, and email, this app aims to be a highly useful and educationally rich companion guide to the study and practice of Australian Constitutional Law.
  5. Please Touch The Exhibit - icity2r mobile Celebrate Melbourne Museum’s tenth birthday and rediscover, explore and share some of Melbourne Museum’s most iconic stories.


My favourite apps

  1. WolframAlpha - Wolfram Alpha LLC
  2. SimplePhysics - Andrew Garrison
  3. Al Gore – Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis - Push Pop Press, Inc.
  4. Prezi Viewer - Prezi Inc.
  5. Explain Everything - MorrisCooke


Developers to check out for 2012

  1. - Educational Math Apps
  2. - Handy reference apps across many subjects.
  3. Oxford University Press ELT - eBooks of famous stories with illustrations.


The complete list of my top 50 education apps of 2011

  1. 3D Brain FREE
  2. AsiaLink FREE
  3. BrainPOP FREE
  4. Calculator ++ FREE
  5. Cell Structure 1.99
  6. Chicktionary 1.99
  7. Clickview Player FREE
  8. Composer FREE
  9. Constitution of Australia FREE
  10. Dropbox FREE
  11. Evernote FREE
  12. Explain Everything 2.99
  13. Four Corners FREE
  14. Gallery FREE
  15. GarageBand 5.49
  16. Gibson L&M Guitar (iPhone) FREE
  17. Google Earth FREE
  18. Grammar Up 5.49
  19. Guardian Eyewitness FREE
  20. Hiragana 0.99
  21. History Maps FREE
  22. iBooks FREE
  23. iMovie 5.49
  24. J-ENesis FREE
  25. Keynote 10.49
  26. Kindle FREE
  27. Learn Chess FREE
  28. Mathemagics 0.99
  29. Monarchy The Definitive Guide 1.99
  30. Moxie HD 1.99
  31. Multiplication - iDevBooks 4.49
  32. MyEnvironment FREE
  34. Our Choice 5.49
  35. Pages 10.49
  36. PEEK Evernote FREE
  37. PleaseTouch FREE
  38. Popplet Lite FREE
  39. Prezi Viewer FREE
  40. QRReader FREE
  41. Shakespeare FREE
  42. SIB (Shakespeare in Bits) Romeo and Juliet 5.49
  43. Simple Physics 0.99
  44. Simplex Spell 1 0.99
  45. Star Walk 2.99
  46. TED FREE
  47. Voice Thread FREE
  48. Whiteboard FREE
  49. Whiteboard Splashtop 20.99
  50. Wolfram Alpha 2.99